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Series of auto burglaries at Aspen Heights and other Murfreesboro locations


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Photo by Cat Murphy/ Sidelines Archives

Murfreesboro Police responded to 14 auto burglaries and one attempted auto burglary in Murfreesboro on Nov. 7, with eight of the thefts reported at Aspen Heights. Two of the victims at Aspen Heights were MTSU students. This is a very different report from students forgetting their keys in their cars and needing the services of locksmiths, instead, they’re getting cars stolen, whether locked or not.

Around 9 a.m., the first auto burglary at Aspen Heights was reported after an MTSU student found video on his ADT home security camera of two males trying to break into his car. This just goes to show the importance of having an Oklahoma home security system because the student was alerted to the activity as soon as it happened. According to the police report, the suspects were seen pulling on the locked doors of the student’s truck and his roommate’s car before leaving the scene.

An hour and a half later, another student reported that her vehicle had been burglarized, during which an Invicta watch was allegedly stolen.

Three more victims from Aspen Heights reported having items such as a Steve Madden backpack, a blank check and a black Northface jacket stolen from their cars. From the eight reports, three of the cars were broken into but not robbed.

Seven additional auto burglaries were reported in Murfreesboro on Nov. 7. The locations of the thefts included Arnold Lane, Chariot Drive, Runnymeade Drive, Obrien Drive, Bradyville Pike, W College Street and Bishop Avenue.

One victim reported over $1,000 of stolen personal property after noticing 500 Magic the Gathering cards were missing from his vehicle. Another victim reported a missing radio.

There are no known suspects or further information on these robberies at this time.

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  1. Cars being broken into around Middle Tennessee seems to be becoming more common. I live in Antioch, and my car has been broken into twice within a matter of months. Likewise, I know multiple people who have also had their cars broken into. The first time, my car was at Opry Mills mall, I came out to my car being trashed. It appeared that they were looking for something. Papers from the glove compartment and console were thrown everywhere; however, nothing was taken that I noticed. The second incident happened at my apartment on Cane Ridge Road. I came downstairs one morning to the same scene, except for this time, a key ring with my mailbox key, mothers house key and all my store reward cards were stolen. I didn’t call the police or file a report for either incident because nothing too valuable was taken. I did however report the incident to my apartment complex who didn’t seem to concerned. They just advised me that I could get a new key for $10 or a whole new mailbox lock for $25.
    One of my friends and his friend met 2 girls at a gas station, exchanged phone numbers and arranged to meet later. When my friend went to meet the girls, they called 2 other guys over to rob them and take their car. The abandoned car was later recovered; however, no arrest was made. One of my client’s, who lives off Bell Road, car was also broken into. I’m unsure of the outcome.
    Winter, along with the holidays tend to bring about more crime, prayerfully we can get more nighttime neighborhood patrolling soon.

  2. The aspen controversy has been a problem ever since my freshman year in 2014. I have not personally lived there, but do have countless number of friends and colleagues who have signed leases with Aspen Heights. Aspen is the place to live considering it is a popular place and it is well known for its party atmosphere and not having many cops around. It was only a matter of time before things got out of hand.

    Like the article stated above, 14 auto burglaries. That is 14 too many that the Aspen Height facility should of stopped and taken care of. Just within the past year, there has been news coverage of break ins, noise complaints and now shootings happening a few months ago, and that is just what the media had covered. Behind the scenes coming from insiders, events like this happen all the time. Car window will be broken, houses are attempted to be broken into and damages all around the facility are made, mainly around the weekends due to its party status.

    Now aspen has 24/7 surveillance and has cracked down on who enters to facility. I think that this is well needed because of the many events that has happened there, but this should’ve been taken care of a long time ago. The place is not safe, and not to mention overly expensive and greedy with charges. I think if you talk with any previous aspen resident, 9/10 you will receive a negative review.

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