Ludacris to play Murphy Center April 6

Photo courtesy of MT SPARE

Story by Ladiah Thomas / Contributing Writer

Ludacris will perform at Middle Tennessee State University’s Murphy Center April 6. The event, hosted by MT Spare and SGA, is for MTSU students, and will begin at 8 p.m.  Tickets go on sale at gate one of the Murphy Center, Friday.

“This is something that the students are going to remember when they think of their experience at MTSU,” says Harrison Sokoloff, MT Spare concerts manager. “It’s going to be a great time and one we’ll all look back on and be proud we were a part of it.”

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    April 7, 2017

    When I first heard about Ludacris coming to MTSU I didn’t think much of it. I definitely didn’t think I would remember this for the rest of my life. My first thought was that Ludacris was too old of a rapper to come to a college. I’m a big hip hop fan and he isn’t an artist that is trending right now. He is a legend but I didn’t think that would make much of a difference. This was my first thought my second thought was that since I have been attending MTSU, there hasn’t been too much on campus that has stuck in my head like this article proclaims the Ludacris concert will do. After that thought I started to listen to some Ludacris songs to try to get a feel on what his concert would be like. That helped a little but I still didn’t get any tickets. I did start to think it would be an interesting thing to check out. That was in March then April came and school was getting down to the rough edges and I was feeling more and more like I needed another break. I really wasn’t thinking about the Ludacris show at all and then a professor of mine asked the class about it and surprisingly quite of few people said they were going to attend it. At this point in the semester I felt like I needed anything for an excuse to have fun but I still didn’t get a ticket thinking I was too old because most of the people that said they were going were freshman and sophomores. So April 6th comes and I go to all my classes and comes to find out I don’t have any homework for the weekend other than what I am doing now so I wanted to do something for fun. I ask my girlfriend, being funny if she wanted to go see Ludacris and she said yes. I found myself struggling to find something to wear while trying to see if they still had tickets left. I was sure they did and they did. We got their a hour after the doors opened and what I saw from the parking lot shocked me. The parking lot was full we actually had to look for a parking spot. We finally got one and walked into the gym. I was amazed at the crowd and the mixture of the crowd. There was a lot more people that were excited to see Ludacris than I thought would be and they showed it when he came out by making a lot of noise! Turns out it was an amazing concert and I can definitely say I will remember this day forever. Ludacris came and rocked the show and showed me that people of diversity can come together and have fun in 2017. I hope MTSU continues to have events like this