Democratic candidate Chris Mayor reflects on primary victory after Election Night Watch Party

Photo and story by Karly Cordell / Contributing Writer

Dozens of people from the Rutherford County Democratic Party gathered in support of Democratic candidates running for office at their Election Night Watch Party in Murfreesboro on Thursday. One person watching closely was Democratic candidate Chris Mayor, who was running for Tennessee House District 49 against fellow Democratic candidate Richard Petty.

The watch party featured appetizers, a nacho bar and drinks as the attendees anticipated incoming election results once the polls began to close. The party began at 6:30 p.m. and lasted well into the evening. As polls closed, last-minute voters cast their votes, and the ballots were counted.

By the end of the night, Mayor came out on top with 782 more votes than Petty. Mayor said that he was initially inspired to run for office while trying to decide who he wanted to vote for.

“This was an idea planned in my head back in October, actually,” Mayor said.

Being a carpenter, the thought of running for office hadn’t crossed Mayor’s mind in the past. Nonetheless, he took a chance and ended up sitting at a watch party anxiously awaiting his results.

“It’s been neat getting out in the neighborhoods, meeting new folks and hearing what’s important to them; what they need out of our government,” Mayor said. “The amazing part is how many people have told me I’m the first candidate that’s ever come to their door and asked them what I can do for them.”

Mayor doesn’t call himself a politician. He refers to himself as “just a citizen running for office.” Mayor has many future changes for the community in mind, including changes to Medicaid and infrastructure.

“We’re growing too fast,” Mayor said. “Part of that could be to alleviate traffic on I-24 by bringing better jobs into Rutherford County so people don’t have to go to Nashville for work every day. I’m going to work for that.”

Another big change that Mayor plans to work toward is the legalization of medical marijuana products, like those available from and from local dispensaries. At the moment, those who visit local dispensaries and also medical marijuana-based establishments are required to have a medical marijuana card. Medical marijuana has become popular throughout many states. however, there are a few that require users to have a medical marijuana card in order to get the help they need. You can learn more about the ny medical marijuanas card online here. The next step for the Mayor will be working to ensure that medical marijuana is open to citizens who need it.

“Medical marijuana products, like those seen from daily marijuana and other dispensaries, could be a tax revenue, and it has the ability to alleviate some suffering for patients,” Mayor said. “I’m not an expert on cannabis, but I do know that if you want to fight the opioid crisis, you can’t take away the opioids and not give the people an alternative.” Indeed, many would look to medical marijuana products, be it the raw product or processed using a Rosin Press, to help them through rough times.

Mayor looks forward to hearing more from the community in order to make some positive changes.

“I can’t wait for November,” Mayor said. “This is going to be interesting.”

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