Review: Nothing More rocks hard with ‘Stories We Tell Ourselves’

Story by Daniel Scroggins / Contributing Writer

The sentiment that rock is dead is a falsehood for up-and-coming rock band Nothing More and their fans. The American rock/metal band released their fifth studio album on September 15. Their previous self-titled album was an overwhelming success for the band, and many publications deemed them a “band to watch” in the future.

They toured two years ago with Chevelle and Middle Class Rut, including a show at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, which familiarized many people with the band. When it comes to performing live, Nothing More is a hard band to ignore with a great show of energy and effects that could overshadow the headliners and leave audiences wanting more once they’re finished.

“Stories We Tell Ourselves” has a calm, peaceful intro then quickly shifts gears to a rocking bassline and powerful lyrics from Jonny Hawkins, similar to the self-titled album. The second track on the album, “Do You Really Want It,” is a Nothing More-style commentary about the current state of the nation. Another song that sticks out is the fourth track, “Let ’em Burn,” a beautifully done protest song against oil companies. The lyrics brilliantly frame the frustration of the lyricist and change it to a positive. “Ripping Me Apart” is a love and break up song that’s seemingly more directed at the narrator’s family rather than a significant other. It has a similar tone of the hit “Jenny” from the previous album, but with harder music. “Don’t Stop” presents a new direction for Nothing More with a twist of electronica, hard drum beats and progressive rhythm until the guitar tracks conclude the song, which is very progressive. The band has a new sound to appeal to a new crowd. The hit of the album is “Go To War.” It has smooth transitions and tells a deep story of unity through music.

This album is a masterpiece of lyrics and music, but fans of Nothing More expected nothing less. Nothing More will be perform live October 2, 2017, at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville. More information about the band and their music can be found here

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